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There are many reasons why we think every senior citizen should get Amazon prime. We believe Amazon Prime-Senior citizens will be a healthy relationship! We will explain why!

What is Amazon Prime?

Amazon prime is a yearly membership subscription offered by to its customers. Amazon prime gives access to many goodies that Amazon has to offer to its customers for a cheap price of $99 a year. The first month is trial period and is free of cost (You can sign up here).

NOTE: Currently Amazon is offering discounted price for needy individuals who are receiving government assistance. Anyone with EBT card qualifies for this discount offer. The discounted price would be $5.99 a month totaling to $71.88 a year in comparison with $99 for regular customers. Any seniors receiving government assistance can benifit from this offer.

You can cancel before your trial period expires if you change for mind. The major benefits of being an Amazon prime member are as follows:-

  • Free 2 day delivery on hundreds of thousands of items
  • Access to many videos, movies and TV shows which can be streamed online
  • Early access to unbeatable deals
  • Store unlimited number of photos
  • And many more.

Why are seniors better off with Amazon prime membership?

Besides being able to enjoy lots of movies, music and videos, the free 2 day delivery is the primary reason why we believe every senior citizen or older adult must get Amazon prime. Whether you order a laptop for seniors or a tablet for senior, Amazon Prime will cover you.

Amazon started as an online book store in the early days. As time progressed, they have become the largest online shopping portal in the world. In the present, there is not a thing you cannot find on Amazon and they have turned themselves into a multi billion dollar company. Whatever you need, chances are you will find them on Amazon.

Now, the important stuff. Price. Because they are an online retailer, their expenses are much less than a brick and mortar stores and they have consistently managed to offer the lowest price on most of the items that exists. Even Walmart finds it tough to beat their price. That should explain it all.

For seniors, it is really convienient when the items get delivered right into their doorstep. No hassle finding the parking spot, no standing in the checkout line, no need to load and unload the items into your vehicle. And yes, it saves gas and your precious time.

But there is usually a downside of online shopping. The products might be cheaper but there is always a delivery cost. You could save $5 on an item but you might pay $10 on shipping charges. That’s a -$5 right there.

That is where Amazon prime comes in! For $99 a year, you will be able to get millions of products free of delivery charge and that too within 48 hours. Sometimes sooner. You can order unlimited items throughout the year and get it delivered free of cost and sooner. Need we say more why we believe every senior citizen should get Amazon prime?

Things to know

Please keep in mind that not all items are Prime eligible. On the product page, it will exclusively say if it’s eligible for prime delivery or not. Below is the sample product that is eligible for Prime delivery.

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And below is the item that is NOT eligible for prime delivery.

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Hope that explains well! And we really believe you should sign up for the membership. It is well worth it!

Please note many people ask if there is any Amazon prime senior citizen discount. Currently there are none but if that changes we will update this article with the new information.


  1. Please reinstate my membership to Prime AARP . The regular Amazon Prime fee is too costly for me to pay. Thank you.

    • We are not sure what you are implying. If you believe Amazon Prime fee is too costly, you might want to consider monthly payment.

    • Mr. Williams, I doubt being on fixed SS income will be enough to get a discount. You have to be on some kind government assistance program. For example, in possession of food stamp. If you have an EBT card, here is the link to get discounted price.